How To Run For Office In Arkansas

Each state has its own set of rules and regulations that would-be candidates must comply with in order to appear on a ballot for political office. Below you would find some helpful resources, information, and links on running for office in the State of Arkansas.
How to run for political office in Arkansas

There are three ways for a would-be candidate to get their name on a ballot in the State of Arkansas. You can join a major political party, run as an independent, or run as a write-in candidate. Arkansas also has signature requirements for Independent candidates in order for your name to appear on a ballot. The following link goes into more detail on the process of becoming a political candidate in the State of Arkansas. Learn More

Term Limits In Arkansas

Governor – Two Terms
Lieutenant Governor – Two Terms
State Senator – Two Terms or Eight Years
State Representative – Three Terms or Six Years

Filing Deadline: 11/12/2019

For more information contact:

Arkansas Secretary of State

Telephone: 501-682-5070

State Capitol, Room 256 Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

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